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Steve Thorp


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Ruth is our resident designer and illustrator. She also runs her own busy freelance practice in Bath and is the author and illustrator of three successful children’s books. She works on many of our collaborations, and is responsible for book layouts, cover designs, illustrations and web sites.

He runs 21soul – a space for people who want to live with depth, grit, grace and spirit and make a real difference in their work, art and life.


His titles include 'Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy' – a collection of short poetic essays, together with 'Soul Meditations' and his long eco-poem, 'Blue Marble'. He is  the author of several other poetry pamphlets, previously out of print, but now available in digital editions,  and edits 'Unpsychology Magazine' which now has four issues.


His poetry and essays have appeared in a number of publications; most notably in 'Earthlines Magazine', 'Dark Mountain Book: Issue 3' and 'The Interpreter's House'.


Steve is a life-long eclectic reader, and loves creating new books, pamphlets and collaborations. He is a keen bodyboarder and devoted Grandpa and lives in Pembrokeshire not far from Newgale beach.

Sarah is a writer, editor, personal trainer and dance instructor living in Oxfordshire with her partner, Sam, and her daughters, Freya and Ellie.


Mary is responsible for making things happen! Being creative is a wonderful thing but it can also be frustrating if the end product is never seen or appreciated by anyone! Raw Mixture is a soulful, creative imprint that has facilitated a diverse range of printed projects, stationery items, books and workshops. And it continues to grow!

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artists, writers, creators and facilitators

Mary provides motivation and promotion; she comes up with concepts to develop and is a supportive editor and critic. She much prefers things to happen immediately! Her philosophy of staying independent and keeping things fun means that the business stays exciting rather than scary. Life is not entirely stress-free but it is definitely productive.


Mary is a designer and maker with a passion for simple, pared back design. She has fulfilled a life-long dream to convert old stone barns into a light filled house connected to the landscape. She loves building, keeping things tidy, beautiful graphics, challenging exercise and walking on the huge beach nearby. She approaches life with humour and is obsessed with books and her family.


Steve is a writer, therapist and educator whose 'soul-making' work is breaking new ground in exploring ways of supporting people in their wellbeing, development, creativity and activism.

After graduating with a first class degree in Architecture from The University of Bath in 2008, she worked for 10 years in an international Landscape Architecture practice whilst pursuing her own creative interests on the side. She formed Ruth Thorp Studio in 2013 to showcase her work in illustration, surface-pattern design, original paper products, graphics, branding and website design. She has had hew work published in a number of independent magazines and journals, including Severine, Halo Lit, Barefoot Diaries, Unpsychology Magazine and Ernest Journal.


Her first book ‘The Squawks’ was published by Raw Mixture in April 2014, quickly followed in 2015 by a collaborative project with her sister Sarah who wrote 'Lilly Mae'. Ruth wrote and illustrated 'Squiggle Bee', published in November 2015.


Ruth has provided the book design and beautiful illustrations for: ‘Soul Manifestos & Pieces of Joy’, ‘Soul Meditations’ and 'Blue Marble' written by Steve Thorp and designed the cover art for 'Faces in the Water' by Sarah Mahfoudh.

Her passions in life include keeping fit, running, dancing, reading, writing and baking. She believes in enjoying life to the full and doing things that make her happy. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) the list of things that make her happy is pretty extensive, so she spends a lot of time frantically running from the gym to Pilates, to dancing...


And then there’s the other side of her personality: the homebird; a lazier, less active person who loves to slob out in her pyjamas eating yummy food and drinking frothy coffees. This is the side of Sarah that sits still for hours reading a book or writing a novel, and the side that loves children’s books, great films, magic, dragons and fairies.


Her first children’s picture book 'Lilly Mae', (illustrated by sister, Ruth), is about a little girl who lives on a cloud and changes the weather according to her moods. Her magical fantasy novel for young adults 'Faces in the Water' was released in December 2015.



Sarah Mahfoudh


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